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Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

Bookkeeping and Tax preparation services

When we started, it was our goal at Kersten Accounting & Tax Professionals to provide Shawano's businesses of all sizes with our reliable tax preparation and bookkeeping services. We want to reduce your tax obligations while allowing you to have the information you need to run your company successfully. 
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Our bookkeeping services

Keeping accurate books is vital when you're dealing with lenders and investors. If you need outside financing, investing in a professional bookkeeping service is especially advantageous. When you have accurate books, you also eliminate the risk of audits and the penalties associated with such an event. We provide a cost-effective solution for all of your bookkeeping needs.

Tax preparation

We know how overwhelming preparing tax returns can be, especially if you run a business. If you make a mistake, you can be at risk for an audit. Let us help you get the most money back as quickly as possible. We'll even check and double check to ensure that we don't put you at risk for an audit.

Dependable tax services

We specialize in preparing taxes. That means that we know all of the new tax laws, and we stand behind all of our work. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing reliable, affordable, and efficient tax services.

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